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The Idea

The best solutions are simple solutions. What we wanted was a universal connector for walls and panels that was easy as possible to use with as many applications as possible.

Our answer was Klemetric®, an amazing system that anyone can use for a wide variety of displays. It’s simple, yet exceptionally versatile. The design is equally smart and stylish. Indeed, for the past 20 years Klemetric® has changed the way exhibition stands are built. Now it is to be found all over the world. Klemetric® is a truly universal connector.

Less is more, more is less as the economist John Ruskin (1819-1900) stated, “the common law of business balance, prohibits paying a little and getting a lot.”

The Function

With Klemetric® you can join panels of 2mm to 19mm thickness at any angle from 90° to 270°. Klemetric® makes it incredibly easy for you to create straight, curved or folding walls, prisms, cubes, pyramids, domes or combinations.

Four-way, panel-to-panel – also between different thicknesses – panel-to-tube and tee connections mean that the design options are virtually unlimited.

The Assembly

All you need to assemble your display are panels are the appropriate number of Klemetric® connectors. Panels of any rigid material and shape can be used as long as they are rigid with smooth, hard edges. Only two people are required for assembly.

Position the panels at the required angle to each other according to the plan. Now slide a slightly tightened Klemetric® connector from the top onto both edges and move it down to the bottom position. Proceed in the same way with the other connectors leaving a maximum distance of 90cm between them. Then tighten the centre screw on all the connectors with an Allen key or Hex Screwdriver.

For illuminating your display or exhibition stand we we supply our own, range of Klem LED spotlights with universal panel mounts.

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